Help me, Ronda: Is Rousey one of the best ever in UFC?

08/03/15 by Rennie Detore

For those who work by the hour, you'd love to be the pace and rate of UFC fighter Ronda Rousey.
She's captivated the mixed martial arts and fighting world with a 12 wins and zero losses record, and now she's gaining even more mainstream publicity after disposing of a so called challenger in a mere 34 seconds.
Yes, half of a minute.

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But that isn't anything new for Rousey who clearly doesn't work by the hour, as she has had few fights that last even a full minute recently. She's about as well rounded of a fighter as you get; if you try to take her down, you'll get popped. When you pay attention to the hands and how she throws them, you'll be on the ground quickly.
So basically, you're in a lose lose situation.
After her win this past weekend in 34 seconds over a seriously competent challenger, Brazilian Bethe Correia, Rousey is starting to find herself on media outlets everywhere, including CNN, MSN and others as being more than just a female fighter that could easily be labeled a novelty in a sport dominated by men.
Now, she's the poster person for Ultimate Fighting Championship.
She's a draw, a legit superstar with enough credibility to carry an entire pay per view with her fight as the headliner. She can be mentioned alongside fight cards with her male counterparts and no one blinks an eye (well, except maybe her opponent here in the next few seconds).
So the debate about Rousey and if she's the real deal hardly is much of a topic of discussion. The answer is an easy yes.
The fact that she's a woman competition shouldn't ever preclude her from being discussed as one of the best in her sport. Yes, she's pretty and in some ways when she's not knocking blocks off in the ring, she's donning sleek, sexy dresses on the "Tonight Show" or doing ESPN's "Body issue" and baring it all.
But Anna Kournikova, this is not.
Kournikova was the teen age dream of tennis fans when she strutted on to the court and the world cared more about her short shorts than her game, which wasn't very good. She was an average player in the sport at best, but her appeal visually gave her career and subsequent spotlight more than it truly was worth.
Rousey is dominant at what she does and isn't showing signs of slowing down any time soon. Like a lot of competitors, she'll get older and lose a fight here and there, but what she's doing now is remarkable and the fans of UFC are reveling in this fighter that is quite simply the talk of the entire sport.
Which is exactly where she should be based on what she's done in the ring.

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