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Hungry eyes: How can you curb hunger and lose weight?

Who doesn't want to lose weight?
But losing weight hardy is as simple as just exercising or changing your diet, but rarely a medley of making changes to your daily lifestyle.
That could include both examining and altering the food you eat and adding some cardiovascular or weight training to your routine but often you need to take a closer look beyond the topical and most obvious.
What typically plagues the masses beyond not having enough time to work out or the direction and education to know what to eat is curbing your hunger, specifically learning how to eat properly and what to eat so that you're not constantly starving.
You see, implementing a diet isn't about starvation and certainly won't survive more than a week or two if you make changes to how you eat that are drastic. If you've been eating cheeseburgers and French fries every day, you can't all of a sudden go to carrot stick and celery stalks.

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You'll be hungry all day, every day and that diet and its best intentions aren't going to last.
The key to losing weight and not feeling hungry all day is to simply eat the right foods or at certain times of the day.
For example, are you eating breakfast?
Some believe that the key to weight loss is cutting calories and while that is true to some extent, you shouldn't be starving yourself, either. Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism and keeps you feeling full for most of the day. Skipping breakfast leaves you feeling famished for the day, and you'll find yourself overindulging on lunch and dinner and snacking incessantly throughout the day.
And speaking of snacking, how exactly are you going about it? Sure, you need to make sure you're skipping the potato chips and ice cream, and instead go for things like almonds, nuts and vegetables. But even snacking on the healthiest level needs to have some sort of portion control involved. The smart snackers and would be dieters buy plastic containers and make sure everything is filled, stacked and carried with them at all times to avoid doing something that could derail all their hard work.
Finally, you can't think about losing weight unless you make real changes. That doesn't mean telling yourself you want to be healthier, only to keep the fridge and pantry stocked with the foods you're trying to eliminate. Take inventory of what you have and buy new. While the initial batch might be expensive, your stomach will thank you when it is flat, firm and finally not growing and growling for food you don't need.

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