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Bottled up: Can you contain excitement over Epson's new printer model?

The words ink jet printer and ink cartridges hardly would be synonymous with excitement, but the latest offering from Epson would suggest otherwise.
When was the last time you got this pumped about printers and ink?
Epson is turning the ink cartridge world on its ear by doing away with expensive ink cartridges and deciding to go the bottle route.
You can hardly contain yourself, right?
Now, keep in mind that you probably are touting your terrific spending acumen since you purchased that brand new, high end printer for a low, low price. But what you failed to realize is that ink cartridge prices per unit are extraordinary.

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Not in a good way.
The story goes that the ink cartridge business is booming because customers now have these whirlwind printers and copiers and fax machines but the ink is the costly part of the endeavor. Think of buying a wonderful vehicle, but gas is about $1,000 per gallon. That's the story of the printer, and we're sticking to it.
At least Epson isn't. The company has decided to throw a wrench in the way of doing things for years and instead is offering ink bottles with their printers, which hardly is come close to matching the annoyance and economical factors involved in what is business as usual when it comes to fixing up your printer with new ink.
You can order it online or buy it in the store, but the end result still is the same: you'll be paying a small fortune for ink, particularly for those consumers who are actively using their printers at home for anything from business to school projects and reports.
Now all is not peachy for Epson. They'll be selling their new cartridge less printer for much more than the cheap model but that is just smart business. Epson has to make their money back somehow now that the ink business is literally going to run draw with this particular printer. You have to think Epson rightfully is banking on the idea of customers spending something reasonable on a printer and would gladly do so even if it is a little more than they want to spend. Smart consumers get the long run concept and realize that more spent up front is going to lead to money saved over the years of this printer's life.
Ironically, the Epson printer and its ink bottles could spell the imminent death of ink cartridges all together. But you won't be seeing too many consumers crying over spilled ink as a result.

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