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Net benefits: Is Netflix paving the way for how workers should be treated?

Netflix customers know just how wonderful the streaming service is in terms of price, variety, selection and overall entertainment value.
But they probably had no idea how wonderful it was to work for the company.
Few did, actually, until word broke that Netflix offers one year paid leave for new moms and dads. Lots to be excited about for Netflix employees with that statement, particularly the time framed involved, the fact that both parents are included, even dad, along with the idea that it is paid time off, rather than partial pay or a much shorter amount of time.
Netflix joins select companies and employers with the type of employee benefits that most only can dream of at their current jobs. While the average maternity leave is more like four to six weeks at company A, Netflix gets high grades for just how wonderful their perks are for parents, whether they're new, young or have been through tis a few times.
Companies like Netflix, Google and Apple tend to lean toward the benefits of making employees feel so comfortable at work through anything from vacation time to free food at work to a place to take naps, that they'll continue to recruit and draw in the best employees possible and the most talented ones.

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And isn't that really what most top flight organizations want to do?
What Neflix, Google and others of that ilk want are the very best in the world at what they do, in terms of employees. In turn, these companies treat employees like competent people and allow them to basically write their own schedule and turn them loose at that point, knowing full well there will be no taking advantage of the system but rather cultivating a work atmosphere that is conducive to putting in long hours but employees hardly belly aching about any of it.
You see when you have the best employees, they're hard workers already, and the perks are just that. An employee so highly sought after by the likes of Netflix or Google believe that all offices should be just like this, and those that aren't are going to create plenty of jealous employees.
But to be part of Netflix or Google, you have to be at the top of your game. And as a result, those companies are going to reward their staffs accordingly. When you want the top players to be on your team, you hardly play on an even playing field but rather do what is totally necessary to win at all costs.

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