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Plane awful: Why your airplane habits aren't endearing you to passengers

Forget about that long car ride, windows rolled down and GPS taking you the longest route possible.
Now is the time to spread your wings and fly. Well, of course, that simply means choosing airplane travel as your means to go from point A to point B if the trip has any length of time or distance involved.
For as much as flying ha remained the same, it truly has upgraded itself tremendously. No more smoking on the plane, better seats, advanced technology and even perhaps better food have transformed flying from fearful to flawless in a lot of ways.
Except one.
It's you. Well, maybe not you specifically necessarily but rather passengers in general on airlines. They tend to be the one aspect of flying that we can't fix and the one pain that puts flying out of first class all the time, especially if we have a bad experience.

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Have you ever been next to someone who orders drinks that, for lack of a better phrase, don't exactly give them the best breath? Sitting next to a guy drinking one tomato juice can after another doesn't exactly put you in the best frame of mind and does wonders to wake up your nose for all the wrong reasons.
What about that passenger that is so tired he mistakes your shoulder for a pillow? As laughable as that may sound, you have to know that kind of behavior still exists. And please, for those passengers in a rush, please make extra time to handle the smells and odors coming from your body, too. That means clean clothes and a shower in the morning, perfume or cologne (although not too much) and brushed teeth and extra deodorant because there's no guarantee the flight is going to be forgiving as far as sweating through your shirt is concerned.
And as long as smells are on the table, please try to refrain from bringing smelly food on to the plane. We get it, you didn't eat lunch and you need something more than peanuts or a lame fruit cup. But be considerate of the other passengers and realize that they don't want or like the smell of your cilantro steak fajitas or clam chowder soup on a hot day and an even hotter plane. Some passengers that aren't you can barely function without feeling motion sickness on a plane, so your food isn't doing anyone any favors.
No one is saying flying has to be so extremely regimented that you can't enjoy yourself, but what brings pleasure to one passenger is another one's plight.

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