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Golden farces: Is McDonald's new self serve kiosk really going to protect cashiers?

McDonald's business isn't all happy meals these days.
The hamburger retailer is watching sales slump on a consistent basis, and that doesn't bode well for future plans for the number one fast food chain in America.
McDonald's isn't without its plans to jump start a tired menu, including adding new gourmet style hamburgers (which seems to have flopped in recent tries) along with serving breakfast all day. But even with those plans in place, McDonald's just isn't what it used to be, particularly in the face of stiffer competition from the likes of Subway, Arby's and other fast food chains that aren't lying down and just assuming McDonald's is king of fast food.
Instead, they're going after McDonald's in the hopes of unseating the mundane menu and tired service that is plaguing the restaurant.
McDonald's wouldn't be where they are if they just assumed that no change was good enough. And if the menu changes aren't working, McDonald's certainly isn't opposed to changing how the restaurant looks, either.

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Most of the fast food chains have added a flare to the decor with updated everything within the restaurant, and the latest news out of McDonald's is the food retailer is adding self serve kiosks to their stores, similar to how it is at Sheetz.
This will allow customers to have a faster experience, those of which who come into the restaurant. In addition, those same customers, especially the picky ones, can alter their sandwiches and meals to their liking, such as ditching the pickles and adding tomato in place of mayo.
You get the picture; this move is about customers and making ordering that much easier. McDonald's is quick to point out, however, that this move isn't about getting rid of wages that are attached to cashiers. That seems a little far fetched on a number of levels.
First, if McDonald's is looking to cut long term costs, then wages seem like the most likely place to start. Furthermore, the kiosk lends itself to ordering and having the food prepped, leaving little room for the front end of the business: the cashier.
McDonald's could easily hold on to a few cashiers as the kiosk is worked into the system of ordering or in the event they want to cater to a dwindling crowd of consumers that shy away from technology.
But this move feels like cost cutting and technology replacing people for sure.

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