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Feeling Fine: Finding An Allergy Free Friendly Pet Can Still Be A Warm, Snugly Process

Allergies rank as one of the more annoying afflictions.
From the sneezing, nose wiping, congestion headaches and constant attention allergies demand on a daily basis, they're simply irritating on various levels, especially when it comes to pets
You can't be around dogs or certain cats send your allergy symptoms into a violent tailspin that requires a heavy dose of medications and at least a few days of potential drowsiness and feeling exhausted and depleted.
The easy answer is simply staying away from fluffy pets or those specific animals that force you to stay at bay or keep the box of Kleenex close by.
Dogs and cats are the primary culprits but also the pets that the majority of pet lovers flock to for themselves or their kids. When was the last time you decided to treat yourself to a pet frog or bring home a rousing set of goldfish? Probably not often.

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So if you're allergic to cats and dogs, the popular pets, what is the next step?
After a little digging and research, the outlook for those suffering from allergies isn't quite as bleak even without the inclusion of dogs or cats.
The aforementioned fish could conceivably fit the bill since the contact between owner and pet is non-existent. That said, fish hardly fulfill the needs of those looking for at least a little one on one time with a potential pet that is more than just sprinkling food inside a bowl.
Birds, specifically parakeets, stand tall and speak volumes as a pet that helps tame accelerating allergy symptoms and still maintain some semblance of interaction. They'll also last quite a while so you'll no doubt get your money's worth.
If the chatter and complex nature of caring for a bird, however, isn't appealing enough, the bearded dragon does wonders as a pet, even if it sounds a little scary at first. No, these dragons aren't the fictional ones that breathe fire or belong in a sci-fi movie but rather make positively prudent pets.
They're less than $100 to purchase and are relatively demure by nature. They're easy to pick up and plop down just about anywhere and taking care of them doesn't take too much effort.
You bathe them in warm water once a week, and they eat worms and crickets. The latter aspect could be a bit off-putting, but an oversized pair of tweezers tames those woes relatively quickly. They also eat lettuce, strawberries and apples, among other fruit; a great way to rid yourself of those items in the fridge rather than throw them out.
There's a small risk of salmonella with the bearded dragon but nowhere near the danger of other comparable pets such as a turtle. The simple practice of washing your hands, like you should when handling any pet for that matter, is more than enough to quell any trepidations.
Thankfully, any of these pets would be a welcomed addition to allergy sufferers as they'd gladly swap any of those symptoms in favor of a sensible alternative to traditional pets.

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