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Reading rainbow: Reading to kids helps learning development

Today's parents undoubtedly are busier than they were 20 years ago and certain 30 or 40. Moms and dads float between parenting, jobs, school activities, meals, grocery stores and perhaps even a second job.
Sometimes finding time for the first item in the form of at home, school related and educational time often is difficult.
Toddlers especially between the ages of 3 and 5 need as much attention when it comes to developing their reading and learning skills since they'll either be in the midst of pre school or on their way to kindergarten sooner than later.
A recent study showed that kids in that age bracket, when read to by their parents, develop the ability to understand and learn at a higher rate versus children that didn't have that luxury. And yes, given the hustle and bustle of today's parents, reading to the kids sometimes falls under the "luxury" tag.
That said, it is fairly obvious that reading to kids makes sense for a lot of reasons, namely making sure time spent with them is that one on one attention they desperately need at that early developmental age.

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That same study affirmed that kids who were read to actually do better speaking, listening and learning, not just the last item. This engagement on a cerebral level is positive parenting news for moms and dads for a lot of reasons.
First, they'll perhaps take this information to heart and make time to spend with the kids that isn't just sitting at the dinner table or watching them watch television in the evening. Granted, the idea of a stay at home mom or dad seems rather antiquated with most families needing two incomes to just survive, much less put money aside in a savings account.
But evenings and weekends isn't about just turning kids lose on the backyard or play rooms, but rather controlled time to be read to so that they can get the kind of jump start or early educational advantage all parents want.
You'll see far too many kids of that age group playing with tablets and computers, instead of parents taking the time and reading to them. Some gadget oriented parents believe that cognitive ability begins and ends with a child being able to use a cell phone or tablet but that has yet to be tested and proven.
Reading, however, is a hands down winner. So rather than turn your attention to something else that is distracting you at the moment or taking up your time, parents should turn into page turners and take control of how their kids learn.

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