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Loyalty hurts: How to know when it is time to quit your job

Plenty of employees, regardless of how bad their job is, aren't quick to quit or simply walk away without some sort of notice.
Call it loyalty, stupidity or stubbornness, or perhaps a combination of the three, but the truth is leaving your job isn't anything to take lightly. That is your primary income, and those who decide to pick up and leave either have something waiting in the wings or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, just don't care any more and have opted that they'd rather "figure things out" then try to endure any more stress or silliness from their current place of work.
But as much as you're wanting to pick up and leave on a whim, you can't just quit your job without some sort of provocation or at least with some sort of warning signs or symptoms, per say, that are abundantly clear to you that it is time to move on and not regret that decision. Of course in a perfect world, you're always quick to point out that you would never quit unless another job was on the table.
That mentality makes the most sense financially and prudently, but often times things get so bad that you just want out without much reasoning. 
You'll know it is time to leave behind your current employer, particularly if your direct supervisor is starting to not only give you more work without some sort of pay bump or promotion, but they start taking your ideas as their own and there is nothing you can do about it.
Sometimes, you job, mostly the relationship you have with your boss, is a hit or miss proposition. If the fit just isn't working, you should opt to leave or at least start looking sooner than later.

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Leaving your job doesn't always have to be about the negative, however, as some say so long for all the right reasons. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you feel as though there's nothing left to learn or the once magical at work becomes mundane.
That's a sure fire sign of boredom and that you need to go elsewhere to find employment. Once your job begins to become tedious, bad things happen, such as forgetting deadlines or just not caring so much anymore, so before you end up making a mistake, start thinking about finding something a little more challenging, even if it is in the same company.
Change always is a bit overwhelming, particularly a job when your financial life and income is directly affected, but that shouldn't stop you from taking that leap of faith to another position when you clearly realize your time at your current job is done.

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