Dream believer: Matchup between top UFC women iffy at best

08/11/15 by Rennie Detore

UFC superstar Ronda Rousey disposed of her last opponent in seconds, a challenger that was supposed to be a tall order who turned into short work for the female fighter.
Now, her next fight is highly anticipated but feels like quite the long shot.
Rousey seems to be on a collision course with fellow female fighter Cris Cyborg Justino, better known simply as "Cyborg."

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The issue with these two ridiculously talented fighters is Cyborg is too heavy to be paired against Rousey as the two don't share the same weight class. This dream matchup, however, is begging to happen given the fact that neither seems beatable.
The most recent news out of the Cyborg camp is that she is willing to and will be ready to fight Rousey in December once she cuts weight. This coming on the heels of Rousey discussing Cyborg after he most recent victory and said she would fight Cyborg if "she stopped taking steroids."
The rumored December fight would be held at an outdoor stadium, thought to be in Dallas and would surely do the kind of pay per view numbers that UFC could only dream of and may eclipse the Mayweather fight recently that did more than two million pay per view buys. Some are forecasting the would be Rousey and Cyborg fight at four million, a stunning number to even think of at the moment and one that would shatter all pay per view records.
Of course, reality set in after all the hype and most have shot down this potential bout as rumors at best and a lot of chatter just for the sake of self promotion and hype, although those within the camp of Cyborg are saying they have talked to UFC and the fight isn't quite as far fetched as you'd believe.
Any time fans can talk about "dream fights" per say, it creates quite the buzz of excitement. Sports rarely finds much left in the way of matchups that are must see television or pay per view, so Rousey and Cyborg fits that bill and then some. Both fighters are red hot as far as popularity and being at the height of their talent within their sport. This is the proverbial "immoveable object" versus "unstoppable force" type matchup or any other sports cliche you can think of at the moment.
If it happens, fans will flock to it. But it is going to take the right amount of money for both to commit, but that still seems quite unlikely. That said, when money is involved, all bets are off.

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