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Toy bizarre: Target takes gender labels off toys to rave reviews

Target can't seem to get its brand out of the headlines when it comes to clothing and, now, toys.
One of the larger retailers in the world, Target took it on the chin when it sold a T shirt that had the word "Trophy" on it, subjecting itself to criticism of epic proportions, including suggesting that Target is taking women's rights back decades.
Regardless of what your opinion is of the "Trophy" T shirt as it relates to objectifying women, Target ironically had its bull's eye on its own back during this firestorm of public relations nightmare recently.
Perhaps the retailer learned a very harsh and valuable lesson with its latest stance: getting rid of gender titles and names on its toys. No longer will toys be labeled as for boys or girls, but instead taking away the gender element of how toys are marketed essentially.
Target is responding to customers who have raised concerns recently over the gender labeling that is being deemed as unnecessary.

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Target took the requests and moderate criticism that can be described as constructive and is going to be changing the stores in the subsequent months. They'll also do away with color schemes that are suggestive as well, such as pink for girls and blue for boys.
The idea that toys being labeled boys or girls is creating some sort of gender confusion seems somewhat off based given that this has been the way we'd label toys for quite some time, almost seemingly forever.
You can understand, however, that you don't want to exclude girls from playing with Legos, an example that was cited, or boys that want to play with other toys that might not have the "boy" label on its specifically. Whether parents adhere to that label remains to be seen, but enough people thought highly enough of the idea to change it that the move was ushered in due to a groundswell of support in that direction.
And that change certainly is more than just fine. Whether it is altogether necessary or is controversial to the point that the move had to be made is highly debatable. One wouldn't think that pink paper or blue stands and toys that are geared toward boys and not girls are so prohibitive that those same little girls or boys wouldn't be able to broach the subject to mom and dad that those Jurassic World play sets aren't just for big brother.
Target deserves credit for acting accordingly when the time called for a change. You have to wonder if they hadn't done it if the negativity would have reached a fever pitch to the point they believed it would have.

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