Court deflate: Why the Brady, Goodell saga is so tired

08/13/15 by Rennie Detore

The next step in settling who's guilty of what in Deflate Gate took place in front of a federal judge on Wednesday. And after the hearing, we're right back where we started at.
Lawyers from the NFL Players Union say Commissioner Roger Goodell was wrong to suspend Tom Brady for 4 games and also wrong for upholding his decision. The union side still says that Brady and the New England Patriots did nothing wrong regarding the deflated footballs found after the AFC Championship Game. The NFL's side said there is considerable evidence that Brady knew about the deflated footballs.
Judge Richard Berman listened to both sides in the court room for about an hour and half before meeting with both sides in private. The main questions the judge had for each side was what direct evidence does the NFL have that links Brady directly to the deflation of the footballs? Berman asked the players union why employees of the Patriots would deflate the balls without Brady knowing about it?

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The answers were the NFL doesn't have a "smoking gun" to show Brady was involved in deflating the footballs. And that the Patriots employees may have deflated the balls without Brady knowing because they thought it might be "good for the quarterback"
So what did Judge Berman rule? Well he didn't make an official ruling, but he did encourage both sides to come to a settlement because the next court date is August 19th and the NFL regular season starts September 10th.
So here we are, in the same place we were a month ago. The answer is simple. Reduce the suspension to 2 games, everybody agree, and lets get back to playing football, not talking about deflated ones.

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