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One and only: How to tell if she's the one to marry

Marriage certainly isn't any proposition to enter into lightly.
Even though 50% of marriages end in divorce, telling someone "I do" forever still means something in today's day and age.
So when a man wants to ask a woman to marry him, it certainly isn't anything to rush into and should be thought over at least more than a handful of times.
And men, you'll undoubtedly be watching for signs that she's the "one," and that popping the question isn't going to backfire or be a huge mistake when that time arrives.
How exactly can you tell if she's your forever and always?

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Well, to choose one particular trait or characteristic isn't always fair or the best course of action. She may fall short in that one but flourish in other ways that are equally applicable.
For instance, and this is a simple one, do you want to spend all of your time with her? Granted, that's not feasible and isn't always healthy, but that doesn't mean it has to be every last, waking moment but rather something along the lines of if you think about her often or all the time, and truly want to spend time with her.
And as long as you're thinking about her, do you worry about her too? No this isn't about being nervous she's cheating on you or being overbearing in a way that is off putting, but rather always putting her first and she'll ultimately do the same for you. Being selfless with the one you want to marry shows that the marriage is destined for good things.
She's selfless, for sure, but she's also in the business of being complimentary to you and giving you the kind of self esteem that you maybe don't necessarily need but appreciate. She'll talk about how wonderful you are and that you're the man of your dreams because you're sweet, caring and any other endearing adjective she can say.
Finally, and here's one the women certainly want to hear and is the cornerstone of any healthy, long lasting relationship, even if it seems simple: you want her and only her. Men, and women as well, tend to stray or at least move their eyes around from one person to another and always have that look about them that they're looking for the next best thing.
Men who look at their significant other as truly the only one they want, you'll know right away what that looks like. He won't care about girls walking past him or checking him out; he's only interested in what she thinks.
And, it appears that if all is lining up and the universe is coming together for the two of you, he's thinking it is time to get married.

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