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Bowing out: Why Tim Tebow just won't go away

You can argue that Tim Tebow, one of three quarterbacks for the Philadelphia Eagles, is the most polarizing player in NFL history.
Few would be college players who entered the NFL have been matched with so much criticism and adulation in the same vein. Critics and pundits alike absolutely loathe Tebow, particularly the NFL experts and former players who can't believe just how bad the former Florida State standout is from a mechanical standpoint.
Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos, and while he experienced some success early on, he flattened out quickly and never did much with them, before finding his way to New York and the Jets.
Tebow has since spent two years out of football before landing in Philadelphia with Chip Kelly, the former Oregon coach who has an affinity obviously for that college style quarterback that Tebow epitomizes.
Maybe Kelly can do for Tebow what no other coach has been able to do: make him a winner in the NFL.

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Just when you thought Tebow, after his two year hiatus, would finally be out of the league, he's back and most likely in the midst of getting a roster spot with the club. He'll likely be the second or third string quarterback and get plenty of playing time in the "Wildcat" spread, which means Tebow will do what he does best: not pass the ball. Kelly says Tebow has made significant progress as a passer, but you'll have to assume Kelly is going to use Tebow the same way Florida State did: as a runner.
For Tebow, he's finding himself in the midst of a second chance in the NFL and he's being met with adulation from the fans and once again is one of the more popular NFL players, with jersey sales skyrocketing even though this time around, Tebow is more novelty than franchise player.
And that's exactly why Tebow won't go away. Someone, Kelly and the Eagles, realize that Tebow can be useful in small doses, both as a player and in the media.
He's not a star player. When he was forced down our throats as being the next big thing, fans got sick of him quickly and his lack of NFL ability hurt his cause even more so. It was easy for critics to bash Tebow because he was in such a high profile position.
Sure, Tebow is going to be met with criticism still, but you have to believe some of the fire power has fizzled since he's no longer anything more than a third best quarterback with the Eagles.
Tebow is a great athlete and a hard worker, and that might be enough this time around to stick since he's rightfully being minimized as minimally important in the eye of the public and as part of the NFL.

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