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Pain threshold: How to eliminate arthritis naturally

Plenty of those who suffer from arthritis tend to look for just about any means to relieve themselves of pain.
Nothing is quite as hard to deal with pain all over your body or just isolated to one particular spot on the body, hands, feet, knees and neck come to mind immediately as a few of the more problematic spots.
From pain medicine to alternative therapy, you'll try just about anything to get rid of that pain. But did you know there are plenty of all natural things you can do to help combat arthritis pain and live pain free more often than not?
Medicine often is looked upon as the great equalizer as far as being able to control pain, but the side effects often end up being worth the trouble over the long haul. Some medicines can give you constipation and lead to having trouble sleeping, as just two of the more prevalent side effects worth skipping for certain.
Pain management and shots also make the pain go away but can be painful themselves and are only a short term fix.

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What about trying a massage or changing your diet? Something as simple as a once per month or every other week rubdown could easily take away the pain without the concern of medication making things worse.
The diet part of the deal centers on getting rid of foods that cause inflammation, such as tomatoes, and implementing the types of things that rid your body of that same affliction. For instance, eating ginger is going to help with arthritis pain accordingly to published reports of those who suffer from that arthritis.
Exercise, as much as those in pain shy away from it, is another piece of the pain puzzle that is overlooked. Granted, you might not be able to hit the weights hard or run for days on the treadmill, but what about some low impact work like swimming, pilates, yoga or even mild weight training.
Any of those regimens are going to yield remarkable results. You'll feel better in the long term, and your pain level is most likely going to head south for not just the winter.
No one wants to suffer in pain, and you'll do whatever is necessary to rid yourself of it. That said, if you can do it in a way that is going to do more harm than good, that's exactly the course you'll take.

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