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Exercise rights: Why certain exercises have to go away as you get older

Everyone has to fight for their right to party, but what about exercise? 
Well, actually, you do.
One of the more difficult aspects of exercise as you get older is when you're still adamant that you can do all the things you did when you were 10 years younger, but when in actuality your body is telling you it is time to alter your workout routine.
Hitting the free weights hard in your 20s or running hard on the treadmill in your 30s often has to give way to a different type of exercise, one that you might not be accustomed to but still would be deemed as more than necessary given that the goal of long time exercisers is to preserve your joints and allow you to age without doing permanent damage to muscles, ligaments or living life with strains and sprains to no end.
You want to think about potentially enlisting the help of a personally trainer after the age of 40, since that is someone who can point you in the right direction.
This isn't to suggest that all of a sudden exercise isn't paramount or good for you as you get older. Quite the contrary, but rather this is more about avoiding exercises that avoid the aging process.

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Did you know cardio actually speeds up aging? That doesn't mean you can't take a walk or enlist a treadmill from time to time but rather you want to make certain you're not overdoing it, much like with weight training and lifting heavy even as you get older.
Although you don't really consider sleep as part of the exercise process, a lack of it not only affects your ability to exercise but also function and can lead to premature diseases and also push your stress level through the roof.
One of the harder aspects of weight loss and staying thin as you get older is getting rid of that belly fat and excess weight around your waist. What most do is spend hours doing sit ups and crunches but that doesn't get rid of belly fat. Your diet, more so than anything, will reduce your weight and help keep you midsection in check. Furthermore, drinking plenty of water is going to lead to help in losing weight but also reduce the kind of bloating you want to avoid for a number of reasons.
No one is suggesting that when you hit a certain age, you aren't permitted to exercise a certain way but pay attention to your body and it will tell you exactly what it wants or needs from working out.

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