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Designing blinds: Cover your eyes, these purses are hideous, yet popular

Have you ever stopped for a second and really looked at purses? Like, really, really take a long, hard look at them.
What exactly do you see when you truly gaze upon the ones that are considered high end, expensive bags? Well, for most eyes, not much.
From Vera Bradley to Coach bags to the ridiculously expensive Louis Vuitton, you have to wonder aloud just why these bags are, for starters, so expensive and also so coveted by those within the women's fashion community and style gurus overall.
And it isn't as if the clamoring for these purses and handbags is anything new. They've been around for quite some time, and their popularity doesn't seem to wane, even if the bag is hardly one you'd consider cute or fashionable, quite frankly.
So why all the fuss?

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Well, you could argue that name value and branding is responsible for these bags. The Vera Bradley name carries quite the clout within the fashion industry and handbags specifically. The Vera Bradley bag, however, is so busy and is riddled with patterns and designs that scream elderly picnic bag, rather than sultry and superb handbag. Pulling out keys, an expensive wallet or designer makeup from this bag seems silly as it comes across like it should be filled with tupperware filled with potato salad and saran wrapped sandwiches.
Louis Vuitton is hardly a name to disregard, but one bag in particular is quite paltry and pathetic. It is a $150,000, eclectic case in what looks like someone created it when they dumped out a junk drawer in their house. The now deemed Urban Satchel Tote from Louis Vuitton may find itself on the "hot" list but at first glance this is a serious miss and hardly anything but hot.
Coach bags, even though they find themselves on the low end of the fashion and pricing spectrum as it relates to handbags, aren't terrible but hardly are going to win any awards for how they look design wise.
You have to assume that the look of the purse pales in comparison to the name you're wearing. Anyone that has seen a fashion show, at least those not in the industry, might question why someone is wearing a sweater with a duck head wrapped around their neck like a hybrid of a scarf and turtleneck or just what exactly makes something trendy and hip.
The eye of the beholder really is what matters, and none of these purses pass the eye test. They may have the price tag to say otherwise, but money can't buy off the general feeling that these bags are just plain ugly.

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