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Male called out: Some guys just don't get it fashion-wise

While most men try to keep their wardrobe current and somewhat stylish, other guys just don't get it.
In fact, they're not even close.
You could argue that being fashionable is relative, and that men either care about how they look from the clothing and accessories or couldn't care less about jeans, shirts, shoes or anything else that might be considered worthwhile as far as deciding what to wear and what not to.
For those that fall into the caring category, you can see quite easily that they've spent plenty of time keeping their p's and q's in order.
Everything they have clothing and accessories matches and has a purpose. They know to keep the blues and the blacks away from one another, and that socks with sandals has never been stylish or en vogue. They also make it a point to find just the right wristwatch that defines dapper or they'll break out a belt that looks like it belongs with that power suit, rather something more passive and plainly poor of a choice.

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Then, you have the opposite end of the spectrum, guys that don't care and it really shows.
Granted, you can argue that all men can still look good but not spend all their time reading Men's Health magazine or GQ and focus every ounce of their time on what to wear and what to steer clear of on a daily basis.
But that doesn't mean you have to be a total mess when it comes to what you're wearing, either.
These are styles that reek of needing serious amounts of help no matter how you slice it. There's one thing about not trying; then there's something to be said for not caring.
Let's talk about summer, specifically and the propensity to wear bandanas while you're riding in your car or on that motorcycle you've been waiting to get out of storage for quite some time. The bandana look is hard to pull off, but you want to steer clear of the ubiquitous red, white and blue American Flag style. There's nothing at all wrong with being patriotic, but unless you're G.I. Joe, lose it.
Equally disturbing are men who can't stop wearing T shirt that they wore when they were 14. Enough with the Pokemon, Star Wars and Lord of The Ring clothing. No one in their 30s should be wearing that unless you're the son of George Lucas or Peter Jackson himself. No one wants to see your Super Mario Brothers sweat pants or Atari Joystick sweatshirt.
It's lame. Period. Take a few dollars and go to American Eagle and buy a shirt from this decade.
As for the rest of your fashion faux pas, you can get by with simple choices but the ones that are most disturbing is when you look as though you're phoning in what you're keeping in your closet.

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