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Say Yes To More Than The Dress: Wedding Planning Is About The Little Things More Than Anything

Planning a wedding takes poise, plenty of patience and a penchant for ignoring the ever present feeling of self-promotion.
Most of the wedding planning falls on the bride and her family as men typically are shown the exit doors when it comes to fawning over flowers, choosing centerpieces or deciding whether or not the chair covers should be a "yay" or "nay."
Guys get a say in a few wedding planning pieces, such as perhaps a quick glance at a food menu or tasting along with picking the location of the wedding as well.
And of course, the men get to pick their groomsmen and, if taste and fashion sense is worthwhile, the tuxedos.
Nailing down the wedding planning essentials often gives way to overlooking little, minute details. The big picture is fairly simple as far as weddings go, the church if applicable, reception hall or venue, food and naturally a date for this grandiose event.

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Somewhere between the proposal and the "I Dos," is a lot of panic and letting certain aspects of the wedding slip through the cracks. The reason typically hinges on a lack of organization and knowledge, especially if this is your first wedding go-round or you haven't hired an expensive, albeit convenient, wedding planner.
One major character flaw in would be brides or grooms when it comes to their wedding day is thinking they know it all, or at least know exactly what they want and won't budge an inch. Certainly, your wedding day should be showered with everything you've ever dreamed of having but a few deviations don't necessarily mean disaster.
That could be deciphered as a few things, such as a fat guest lists that "can't be trimmed," when in actuality there are plenty of disposable, sorry distant aunt or ninth cousin, attendees. Keep in mind that your food and alcohol cost is directly related to your guest count.
And that's another thing, know your budget inside and out. Having a $15,000 budget may sound modest but if you end up spending double, you're first day of marriage will be mired in more debt than you're interested in having.
Furthermore, let the various vendors of the reception hall or flower shops suggest the best place to go next. Don't quickly dismiss those ideas since they aren't yours but rather listen; these retailers probably know a lot more about wedding planning than you do. Their advice is free, too.
One of the bigger wedding headaches is for those planners who have a plethora of out of town guests. Your job as bride and groom is to select a nearby hotel, give your guests who aren't local the information and let them handle the rest. That doesn't mean you can't field the occasional question regarding the rooms but it's not your responsibility to lead your guest step by step by the hand; you've got enough to do.
And part of that "enough to do" falls squarely on the shoulders of the bride as the one aspect of the wedding that is of utmost importance: the dress. This is the cornerstone of any fantasy wedding turned reality for the bride to be. She'll know exactly what type of dress she wants but as bridesmaids or maids of honor, your opinion matters.
Don't be afraid to suggest a few brand names or designers as part of the process, everything from a local dress maker to something a little more savvy or fashionable such as the Leanne Marshall Design from her Sleek & Contemporary Collection. Credibility as far as wedding dresses counts for Marshall, who competed and won Project Runway and is running away with designing unique, marquee wedding dresses that fit with a more modern wedding look and feel.
Feeling overwhelmed or nervous as part of what can be a year-long planning period for a wedding is time and tension well spent. This glorious event is often looked upon initially by the soon to be married couple as the biggest day in their lives, and one that deserves not only attention to detail but a little compromise mixed with common sense.

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