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Cheat code: What men and women stay with unfaithful partner?

One of the more humiliating and crushing blows anyone can experience as part of a relationship is that dizzying realization that you're being cheated on by your significant other.
You feel hurt, sad, angry and downright minuscule as a person.
Questions being to abound as you search for reasons why this happened.
What did you do wrong? 
Why weren't you good enough?
Is there anything else I could have done differently?

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Perhaps the most important question you face is one that puts you at a relationship crossroads: should you stay or go?
For most, this question is quite the moot point. The answer is a definitive "no," with little room for interpretation. The idea that you'd even entertain the thought of staying with someone that made you look foolish and broke your heart and shattered your dreams is one that you'd never consider.
Or so you think.
The surprising revelation about cheating and infidelity in relationships is that more often than not, the person who was cheated on doesn't immediately tuck tail and run but rather stays the course, and wants to work on the relationship and hopefully get through this devastating, personal tribulation.
So why exactly would someone stay with a cheater?
Well, the most prevalent reason centers on two key aspects of the relationship: money and family. If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times when you discuss someone who cheats and why the other person stays. They do it for the kids, and they don't want to take whatever lifestyle the children have become accustomed to and disrupt it, whether you're talking about pulling them out of school or having them live with mom during the week and dad on the weekends.
Ironically, parents will stay together, live in the same house and live their own lives while putting on a front of sorts to make sure the kids aren't affected. It isn't until the kids are 18 or heading off to college that mom and dad suddenly call it quits.
Money is the great equalizer, too, in that plenty of men and women stay put in relationships because they "have too much to lose," suggesting that any sort of separation means the money is split in two.
Quitting often isn't an option, however, for some who simply are still "in love" with the person who cheats and want to make the following statement ring true: If I can't have this person, no one will, which simply means that they'll try to win over their straying mate even in the face of dealing with another man or woman. That love often isn't enough to triumph over hurt feelings and the idea that every time you look at the other person, you see, well, the "other" person.

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