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Food banked: Some meals, foods are off limits

The word "never" is a strong one. Particularly when you talk about food and drinks.
But for those of us who stay true to diets, try to eat healthier or are desperate to change our food ways, you'll tend to listen when the word "never" is linked to foods, even if they are your favorites.
Certain foods fall under the category of those that you should avoid. Fried foods, those high in cholesterol and fat or the ones that are linked to lethargy aren't exactly high on your list of those to keep ingesting.
Are those really considered foods you should never have? And if, not what exactly falls on that mighty, no nonsense list?
Well, for those of you who shake your head or scoff at items that are labeled "organic," you might want to reconsider that negativity toward that type of food. Food that is organic hardly is a sales ploy or a slight of hand in the marketing department when it comes to fruit and vegetables. Often those types of food that aren't organic also are the ones that are sprayed with pesticides and not handled with the highest level of care and patience.

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From food to drinks, who doesn't have the occasional drink of the alcoholic variety, and truthfully that isn't going to be necessarily a terrible thing, either. Wine has been linked to studies that have it being a favorable beverage when it comes to heart health, and that seems to hold true and steady.
What you want to avoid at all costs is either drinks that include artificial sweetener or adding those types of additives to your drink yourself. Diet soda and diet teas or anything with that label should be nixed from your eating and drinking repertoire as soon as possible. Artificial sweetener, among other things, actually makes you feel hungrier and you'll end up eating more as a result. Not to mention the horrific side effects it has on your stomach, which can lead to certain types of cancers of the colon, liver and stomach.
And speaking of your tummy, you may be having digestive issues from not only that artificial sweetener but also the mounds of bread you're enjoying. Granted, low car diets tend to be all the rage and as much as that was said to be a farce, you can't ignore the facts that bread is barely recognizable. Eating wheat and yeast in bread is linked to plenty of stomach troubles and isn't recommended for those who have Crohn's Disease, Colitis and other bowel related diseases.
So the next time someone says Atkins to you as it relates to dumping bread from your diet, make sure you mention how your body doesn't digest wheat and bread well at all.
While, when it relates to food, you can never say never, it might be easier to rid yourself of these foods that are doing more harm than good as part of your diet.

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