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Tab to fad: Why the tablet took popularity nose dive

Not that long ago, the tablet took the top spot as the hot electronic slash computer commodity. In a short amount of time, that reign really took a turn for the worse.
The arrival of the tablet was supposed to kill off the PC and the Mac, all laptops, really, since the tablet was thin, universally lauded and could do what the PC did and then some, minus the bulkiness.
The front runner is this tablet category was the iPad, which ruled the world and quickly became one of the hotter selling pieces of electronics in the company's history and as far as tablets went, was the crown jewel of this genre.
Today, iPad sales are down drastically, roughly 20% but that is more a sentiment about tablets in general than just Apple's version. Truthfully, the tablet is tanking because someone quite frankly found something better.
It's the combination of the tablet and the laptop in one, along with cell phones that are starting to mirror the tablets both physically and with all that they do.

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Ironically, companies like Apple and others that produce tablets decided to take cell phones and make them bigger again, which basically told consumers: why would you buy a tablet when your cell phone is almost as big now and can make calls? Essentially, the cell phone, or "phablet" as it is known, is slowly putting tablets to rest for good.
Also part of the picture are devices like the Microsoft Surface, which allows you to detach the screen and attach a keyboard, coupled with the horsepower and interactivity that you have come to expect from a laptop, only giving you that tablet piece to the puzzle as well.
Most of these hybrids have all the bells and whistles of you favorite tablets but have attachable keyboards and, like the Surface for instance, allows you to have a mouse connected or the ability to have an operating system that is a little more diverse than what tablets can offer.
Perhaps someone in the tablet business can recreate or reimagine the tablet and interject some much needed life into what was once a colossal source of revenue for companies that dealt in phones, computers and thought they had an entirely new business plan for a device that had so much potential.
These companies that put stock in tablets are the ones who took away a lot of the firepower associated with these devices by altering and trying revive other products and in turn took the tablet down with it.
So the hope is two fold: either reverse the trend or like the tablet take its final resting place.

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