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Scraped idea: Why your dog doesn't need your table food

Every time you and your family congregate to the dinner table, you always have one more guest roaming around looking for a few scraps.
Man's best friend is hardly opposed to waiting for one of the kids to drop a few morsels of food but more so those same children who might not want to finish mom's favorite meatloaf and instead opt to feed Fido under the table.
Parents, too, are just as guilty of doing it, thinking as though feeding the dog food from the table is harmless or won't be that big of a deal if you only do it sporadically.
The truth is feeding you dog table food probably won't do too much damage if it is done perhaps as a way to get them to eat their own food, putting a few chunks of ground beef on top of that Purina or kibbles and bits. While that practice hardly is horrific, dog owners might find themselves doing that far too often or just getting sloppy and lazy with how they feed their dogs as it relates to people food.
Aside from table scraps making it almost impossible for dogs to keep eating their own food, some foods are just flat out bad for your dog.

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Foods that are high in fat content, whether that be some sort of protein you find in your meats or anything else that cooked in oil, saturated in butter or knee deep in avocado, are going to keep you doing superbly lethargic and could lead to long term health issues.
Beyond fat, dogs also need to steer clear of foods that have seeds or pits, along with small foods that can lodge in their stomachs and, quite frankly, not move. Some foods include vegetables with small pieces, such as corn or beans, along with fruit that has seeds and pits, such as a peach or sunflower seeds.
And what about the age old stereotype that chocolate is bad for your dog and it being correctly identified as a no no?
Yes, it is true. Chocolate might taste good to the dog owners, but they leave the dog with a bevy of nervous system issues, such as fatigue and muscle aching.
We all love our dogs and treat them as though they're one of us, but you'd be doing a huge disservice to them if you are content on keeping them stocked fully food that is in your fridge.

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