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Car smarts: Innovation takes hold of driving safety

Who remembers the 1980s television show "Knight Rider?"
As a child who grew up in the decade watching that show as very young child, it was easy to fall in love with the talking car that seemed to know exactly what to do even without its fearless leader, "Michael."
Another car that made waves in television and movies was the famed Batmobile, which has gone through plenty of changes over the years but still remains one of the more unique and gadget oriented vehicles on the silver screen.
But what if your actual car had the technology that was so reveled in these make believe cars from TV and movies? What if your car had your best interest in mind, even if you might not.
Drivers, more so than ever before, are distracted individuals, mostly because they're too busy playing on their cell phones in the form of a call or text.

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Safety plays a crucial role in technology that is featured in some cars, most of which find themselves on more expensive cars that go beyond the simple backup camera and power, adjustable mirrors.
What exactly is happening or on the horizon? 
How many of you have been driving and don't realize what exactly is wrong with your vehicle? Maybe you're tired of taking your car to a mechanic that charges you just to look at it. Some technology is allowing your vehicle to talk back to you via text and let you know exactly what is going on with your car.
And, in addition, your car is going to check on you, too.
A few features include your car being able to tell you when you're falling asleep at the wheel and will be able to change radio stations or adjust the temperature without ever actually being distracted by doing anything other than talking to it or waving your hand as if to truthfully to believe in these somewhat "Star Wars" like and magical means to control your vehicle, or have it check on you.
Let's not forget about auto braking, which assists in telling you where accidents are and controlling how you approach the scene.
No one would suggest that all these safety features and intriguing, futuristic gadgets is a reason to all of a sudden not pay attention to how you drive, but isn't there at least some peace of mind knowing that you vehicle and its attention to detail have your best interests in mind.

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