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Water logged: Bottled, speciality waters might not be worth the hype

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times.
Drink more water.
Anyone who tries to lose weight, get healthier or add some much needed hydration to their diet and daily life knows that water is the way to go.
Staying hydrated means drinking plenty of water quite simply, which leads to health benefits of not only staying hydrates but feeling more refreshed, less fatigued and devoid of any sort of ill effects than can be brought on by sugary drinks or more caffeine.
But a new H2O contender has emerged from the great water debate with a new wrinkle and skew on how we view water.

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Say hello to the newest wave in water: alkaline water.
For those who aren't familiar with alkaline water, it doesn't have the same acidic content as tap water and keeps the PH in your body balanced. Celebrities and normal people alike argue that the PH scale and staying around the 7 mark is the trick to taming disease and taking your body and what it can do to the next level.
More importantly, you're not only hydrated but you have more energy during the day now that your body is perfectly balanced.
Or so you believe.
The truth is there is no truth to water alkaline water can do.
No studies exist, nor is anyone rushing to the table to do any research to rush to the aid of alkaline water. Some may see it as more of a fad than the real deal that some claim it to be, and physicians who have chose to comment on alkaline water think the thought of it doing more than hydrating your body like regular water is nothing short of laughable at best.
So what exactly do you need to do?
Well, for starters, alkaline water might be the smoke and mirrors that some claim for it to be, while others will swear by it. The latter group is perfectly fine in believing that the water they're speciality drinking is helping them stave off the aging process or being more in tune with their bodies than the bland water from the tap or your basic bottle of Dasani.
That said, without the hard evidence. you can't argue against the other contingency of people who don't like it or believe that the magic of alkaline water exists beyond some clever marketing.
Whatever you chose to embrace, you can't argue the one founding point in this discussion.
Water, of any type, is absolutely paramount.

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