Down turned: WWE summer spectacular is letdown

08/26/15 by Matthew S. Vandriak

It's one of the WWE's " Big 3" of pay per views. This year it was 4 hours of action from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. But unlike the summer weather, Summer Slam was far from hot. As a matter of fact, to steal part of the Rusev/Dolph Ziggler/Summer Rae/Lana angle, it was a cold fish.
The first big letdown was the John Cena versus Seth Rollins double title match. Cena put up his United States Championship against Rollins World Title. Over the past few months leading up to Summer Slam, Rollins had been "feuding" with Jon Stewart, who was the host of this years PPV. After a fairly solid match between Cena and Rollins, Stewart got involved when the referee was knocked out. Wielding a chair, Stewart teased hitting Rollins with it, before he swerved Cena and hit him with the chair instead, helping Rollins to the win. But this was awful. Not so much the swerve, but Stewart was awful. He came in the ring with the chair and looked confused. Then he did what looked like dancing the Irish Jig with the chair between Cena and Rollins before finally "hitting" Cena with the chair. The WWE should never have celebrities or guest hosts play a big role in a major match. This was proof positive of that.
The other big letdown was the much anticipated rematch between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. The match itself was great. Both guys gave an awesome effort and put on a match that deserved the main event slot and was the best match of the night. But the ending was terrible. Lesnar had Undertaker locked in a submission. The referee was counting Lesnar's shoulders down on the mat. Then out of nowhere, the bell rang. The referee said he didn't call for the bell, so the match continued, and eventually the Undertaker got Lesnar to tap out. But the replay showed that after the match, the Undertaker actually did tap out to the submission which is why the bell rang. But the referee missed it. I have been watching wrestling for over 30 years and have never seen the time keeper ring the bell because he or she saw what the ref missed. That ending was beyond stupid! If the time keeper is going to ring the bell when the referee misses something, why didn't he ring the bell in the Cena versus Rollins match when Jon Stewart interfered? Just awful booking for the main event of such an anticipated match in which both wrestlers put on a great performance.

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As for the rest of the show Rusev and Dolph Ziggler finally had their one on one match, which ended in a disappointing double count out. After building this up all summer, the match itself, especially after the ending, felt secondary to the anticipated catfight between Lana and Summer Rae.
This honestly felt like watching a WCW pay per view towards it's demise circa late 2000 to early 2001. It seemed like the WWE tried too hard to book everyone on the card to look strong coming away from the PPV, which was the reason for the biggest matches having no clean winners. It seemed like Summer Slam was more of a set up for the day after Monday Night Raw, and it wasn't as good as the NXT show from the night before.
Fortunately, my friend has the WWE Network so we could watch the PPV for $9.95. I feel bad for anyone who paid full price for Summer Slam, because it certainly wasn't worth the price.

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