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Avoidance issues: When buying home, steer clear of these real estate red flags

Who isn't searching for their dream home?
From certain flooring to finding the right neighborhood or making sure everything (mostly, everything) on your checklist of what you want is marked off, you spend countless hours looking at homes. Settling on the right one often takes hours upon hours and one open house or tour after another.
But in matters of real estate, you need to get real when it comes to what you want and what is best for business.
That swimming pool, the one you believe will be used throughout summer and enjoyed by friends and family, neighbors and co workers, actually is going to take the value of the home and lower it in the eyes of potential buyers. If you want to deal with one, be prepared to have increased electrical cost and the added amount of money you'll be dumping into chemicals and maintenance that would be involved.
You also can't go all in for the bells and whistles for the home, either. You have to be smart and look for the things that are going to cost you most as the new owner, even if it is in the future. That means siding, roof and windows, along with the heating system, needs your primary attention on that aforementioned tour. You have to assume that the owner isn't about total discretion and is most likely not going to disclose that these items are, at the very least, not up to par. Yes, they have to disclose information about the house, but if the windows are in poor shape, that's on you to find, not them to tell you about in the home report.

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And the red flags don't just end with the home itself but can appear after you buy it.
You can't fall into the trap of spending thousands on new appliances when it isn't necessary or adding to the house in ways that are accustomed to your taste but leave a lot to be desired resale wise. Mounting a TV out on the covered deck is everything you could want, but you have to sometimes think about what it would be like reselling the place and if there's any interest in your interests as well.
Your perfect home exists, but you can't do everything to your liking without being smart in the searching and buying process but also add ons that won't subtract from its value.

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