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Daddy Dearest: New Fathers Flock To Find A Balance Between New Baby And Individuality

First-time fathers fawn all over their newborn babies and embrace fatherhood with a sense of purpose, pride and passion that probably cannot be described. This cathartic moment changes your life drastically and for the better and you're responsible for not only being a wonderful husband but an equally embracing and devoted dad.
Even during those nine months while your wife is pregnant and you know that this fateful day of fatherhood is looming large, nothing truly prepares you for the wonders of staring into the eyes of your new son or daughter and thinking a myriad of thoughts, everything from "now I know how my dad felt" to "now what do I do."
Feeling a bit overwhelmed at first is totally within the range of reactions and shouldn't be looked upon as doubt or even much of a dilemma. The most important part of transitioning between married man and new dad is the balance between those two hats that men around the world wear proudly, even if there are a few baby bumps along the way.
Something even as simple as time factors into this Fort Knox like equation: those first few days after the baby is born, it is paramount that papa be incredible understanding and supportive, along with on time. New moms value their time, too, and dad doesn't want to start off that new role by making mom wait at home, while he sputters around at the gym or makes small talk at the office until dusk.
Your wife wants a break from the baby, even if has only been a few days or week since the baby was born. You're a superhero within your house and your wife knows it. Come home, ditch the work duds and let your wife and new mom relax and get comfortable while you take care of junior. She'll appreciate the respite so much that she probably won't be able to stay away from the new bundle of joy for that long; the gesture alone goes a long way.

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Moms certainly can return the favor to dad. Post-baby, working dads become the savior but before the boy or girl is born, moms get all the attention. Dad just has to make sure a bag is packed, while he rehearses his best route to the hospital.
Dads, before and after the birth, don't mind getting a little love lavished on them, too. That can come in many forms, but it's not like we're asking for our own baby shower. How about gift for dad amidst showering mom and would-be baby with gifts, too?
Some of the cooler nods to new dads is personalized clothing, the kind of gear that makes him feel like a team player and helps him trade in his Van Halen T-shirt or Brock Lesnar hoodie for something that cries out dad more than debauchery. DaddyScrubs scrapes together more than just an admirable array of dad clothing. They're adept at offering everything from a simple "Daddy" T-shirt for the post-baby bliss or even personalized scrubs for inside the delivery room.
Web sites touting advice for dads are certainly a welcomed break in addition to gifts of cute clothes. Humor often is the best medicine for new dads as they learn on the job so to speak when it comes to kids. CooperandKid.com comes to play as a confidant for cool dads; the web site teaches dads new, and even the old ones, how to accomplish any number of tasks with their kids, everything from fitness to fixing a dinner when mom may be a bit too tired.
No matter what the task, dad doesn't dance around the inevitable and tackles each passing day as a proud papa. He may just need a little help and guidance along the way.

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