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Phone honed: Are you addicted to your cell phone?

When you talk about being unhealthy, thoughts immediately turn to discussions of exercise, dieting and overall physical acumen and the ability to piece together an eating plan that makes sense and keeps your waistline thin.
But what about your cell phone? Is that contributing to an unhealthy way of living?
Most don't assume that is the case when they think about their phone. Instead, thoughts of convenience permeate through your brain, since you're probably finding out the 10 day forecast, sending a text message, updating your Facebook status or even doing a little work like email checking or making calls (yes, phone still do that, too.)
The question about the convenience of cell phones is one that can't be debated, but you could argue that phones are becoming a distraction of epic proportions and the general public and masses are hardly interested in conversation and instead spend most of their free time with their faces buried in that handy, dandy electronic device.
So, are you addicted to your cell phone? Would you even know the signs if you were?

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Let's start with your relationship. No, not with your phone but instead the one you have with your significant other. Do you find yourself checking your phone while you're in the midst of something important, such as a dinner out on a Saturday night or when that special someone is telling you exactly how they feel about you, but you're in the midst of scoreboard watching or finding a recipe on Pinterest.
On a less specific scale, think about how you feel when you don't have your phone with you, even if it is in the other room charging on the night stand. Do you get anxious when you don't have your phone around, or do you keep having that sensation that you have to text and even move your fingers without your phone in your hand? Do you get nervous that you're missing something?
If you answer yes to any of those questions, you'll fall into the category of addiction as it relates to a cell phone. The real problem is if the cell phone becomes your go to, and the daily doings tend to fall by the way side. If you don't want to converse with your friends, have trouble focusing at work or can't muster up the will power to go out to dinner or hold any sort of eye contact, your phone could be the culprit that needs canned quickly.

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