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Office place: How work is ruining your workouts

How man times have you been sitting at your desk, slumped in your chair, hunched over at that keyboard and hopelessly wanting to get away from this tire position? 
And by "position," you're not so much talking about the job in general but rather how you're never able to combat sitting all day by turning that into the desire to exercise. Sure, your office probably still has that Zumba in the cafeteria flyer, albeit dusty, posted for all employees to see, but is anyone really doing anything about it?
Even some larger companies put together a corporate wellness program that gives you discounts to gyms in the area, but not even a few dollars off a membership is going to make you go or pack that gym bag for you the night before and make it a point to drive your car right into that health club parking lot.
So what is an employee to do?
Truthfully, work and exercise have never mixed, unless your job is professional athlete extraordinaire. Unless your name is Mike Trout, Serena Williams or Lindsay Vonn, you aren't perfecting your posture and thus working out as part of your actual employment.
Instead, you maybe take a stroll through the office, leave your desk or barely do anything at lunch other than, well of course, eat.

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Fitness experts agree that office work is what holds most of the masses back from exercising or engaging in it, and thus can lead to postural issues as you get older. The key is to combat the stagnant nature of your job and find simple exercises to you regimen, ones that you can do at home at your convenience or even at the office.
For instance, why not make it a point to grab a quick bite to eat for lunch after you've walked around the outside of the building a few times. Certainly, you can remember to grab a pair of sneakers on your way out the door, even if you don't want to pack the whole bag.
And who hasn't done a few pushups or put themselves in a plank position in their office, even just 10 or 15 of the former and 30 seconds of the latter?
As you're walking to lunch or from one desk to another, perhaps to drop off a report or see your boss as they requested, why not toss in a stray lunge while you're doing it, heels excluded of course. Bust out those flat shoes for once and ditch the pumps and work on your fitness even as you're finishing out your day.
Your back, neck and stomach will thank you for it, particularly when you start dropping pounds at work.

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