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In bloom: Is there such a thing as sending flowers too often?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for six months, and I try to send her or give her flowers at least once per month.
At her place of work, they assure her that the flowers after the "honeymoon" period will stop, to which I reply just how inane and silly that comment is. I consider myself a sweet, sentimental guy and I'm madly in love with my girlfriend and have been since the moment we first went out on a date.
I also make it a point to show her just how important and wonderful she is by sending flowers to her when she was at work or having them at home for her when she gets home.
The comment about the flowers eventually going away is one that I fluff off easily and quickly because I know myself and that would never happen.
But it got me to thinking about another question: is there such a thing as sending flowers too often?

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The question is more about flowers losing their meaning if giving or sending them is done to the point that it no longer is a surprise or thoughtful gesture but rather the norm. You can just imagine a woman, once wide eyed and smiling from ear to ear when she gets flowers, to slowly walking across the kitchen floor, mumbling about how she can't find the vase.
Could something like that really happen?
To answer that, you really have to look at the relationship and the people involved, especially the person getting the flowers. My girlfriend is extremely sentimental; she keeps a box (ever growing, of course) of mementos of every thing we've ever done, whether it was a movie stub, amusement park ticket or even the paper the flowers were wrapped in.
Knowing her the way I do, I never would believe that she'd get tired of getting flowers. She appreciates everything I do, no matter how big or small or the frequency with which it is happening.
After sending flowers at least a half dozen times, she's always had that same look of amazement on her face, unchanged from the first time it happened. What flowers or any gift should never be is a means to quell an issue that the two of you might be having that is left unresolved or not tackled at all, or if she's trying to tell you something about how she's feeling, regarding the two of you, work or money, and you aren't so much listening as you are trying to give flowers to smooth things over for now, then flowers are a bad idea.
It's like parents whose kids have issues or problems at school, and they don't so much pay attention as they do take them shopping to help appease the problem.
Flowers are phenomenal to show how much you care and love the person you're with, and that sentiment never gets old, so neither would sending flowers. Just don't use them as a placeholder or distraction for that conversation or argument that never truly gets hashed out.

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