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Game timed: Are you finally too old for gaming?

One of my best friends just bought Madden 2016. He also just turned 46 years old.
And as much as he loves his video gaming systems and his football game specifically that he refuses to buy every year but does anyway, his love of Xbox doesn't end with just the iconic football namesake.
He buys at least one to two video games each month, from the role playing soldier games to the latest wrestling title from the World Wrestling Entertainment.
So as I'm watching him spend about a hundred dollars per month on video game titles, I ask myself a very simple question.
Is he addicted and hooked on video games? More importantly, is he told to be playing those games in the first place?

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You really can't put much of an age restriction on games, particularly these days since most games are geared toward adults anyway. Aside from sports games, popularity abounds when games center on violence, like blowing away a few hundred soldiers or zombies or tearing someone out of their car, beating them up and stealing it.
But some signs point to the fact that you're getting too old for games and your priorities may rightfully be shifting to something else, and playing video games just isn't tops on your list right now (although if it ever was, you might want to think about why).
Do you ever find yourself not wanting to finish a game or worse yet, even open it after you buy it? That same aforementioned friend has a dozen titles sitting on his TV stand that are still in the plastic wrapper. He buys them with the hope and intention of playing, but life gets in the way of that to the point that money is literally sitting being wasted in front of his eyes.
One sure fire sign that video games have passed you buy from a technological standpoint is that harsh, cruel moment when your nieces or nephews or anyone much, much younger than you has to explain to you how a controller works or what to do on this game. Them snatching out of your hand is a sure fire sign that the gaming world has passed you buy, particularly when a 10 year old shows you how to play FIFA World Cup Soccer.
No one is saying that you need to start trading in your video game console once and for all, but if it starts to get in the way of you doing your work or you simply can't find the time to focus and play, then you might want to consider early retirement.

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