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Job aid: Why part time jobs aren't so bad, if picked right

Who does't want to work part time?
OK, so that statement might be a bit slanted given the fact that most part time work is done in conjunction with an already full schedule in the form of a full time, 40 plus hour per week job that already is the main part of the day's agenda.
And for some, working part time is more about finding a career or going back to school. Simply put, part time work pays the bills while you focus on the future, bigger and better things, and earning money or having the job of your dreams isn't exactly why you're working.
Instead, you work because you have to and a full time schedule is going to interfere with you achieving a particular goal.
For the rest of us, part time work is brought about by a need, not so much from a long term goal but because money from the full time job isn't enough to pay the bills. Perhaps your current, main job gave you a pay cut or you're waiting for a promotion that might be more than just a few weeks or month away, as in you just started your job and you're not quite at the pay scale you want.

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So what exactly qualifies as a stunning part time job?
First and foremost, you want to focus on convenience, like something you can do from home or a job that is considered sporadic and done at you convenience. Writing from home comes to mind immediately or perhaps opening up your finished basement to babysitting or some other at home activity that can be a modest business that brings you extra cash.
What you want to avoid is a part time job that is demanding and treats you like a full time employee, but not in a good way. This type of part time job is one that tells you to be at a meeting at 10 a.m., when they know full well that you have a day time job.
Another perk of the perfect part time job is benefits that go beyond health and dental. Some part time positions offer the opportunity to continue your education and will pay for you to go back to school. That is a can't miss endeavor.
So skip the apron or smock if you can help it, or punching in and out, and instead think outside the part time box and make a full time run at something that is beneficial financially and rewarding without the feel that you're running on fumes.

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