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Buttered up: Why some bad foods are good for you

Have you labeled foods "bad" without even knowing much about them? 
Of course you have, that is the way of the world as news and report surface about how this week coffee is terrible for you, then the following week you hear about your liver and digestive health are totally related to how well coffee works.
So what gives?
It wouldn't be out of the question for some perfectly good goods to be labeled otherwise, based on what one person believes based on whatever is deemed paramount at that particular moment.
Granted, foods high in fat and sugar are the first ones targeted, but what about something like peanut butter, almonds, avocados and olive oil? All of those foods are high in fat if you go by the typical label you'll see on all of these products.
But what you might not know is these foods are high in unsaturated fats and not the ugly brother of that: saturated.

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Peanuts in general lower your risk for heart attacks and heart disease, which certainly means it should be high on your list of foods you should be ingesting.
Coffee is beloved by the masses and it truly is as polarizing as the foods high in fat. Coffee is laced with caffeine, that we know, but you have to consider that coffee has been linked liver health and helping with keeping your memory on par as you get older, or being an antioxidant in the same vein as tea, which often is heralded while coffee is viewed completely different.
One food that can't help but find its way on to a good versus bad list is eggs, especially since they're high in cholesterol and those with heart issues are told to leave the eggs alone.
The truth is eggs are perfectly fine in moderation, much like any food really, and carry with it benefits that include better brain function and protein to help build muscles accordingly.
Food is what you make of it a lot of times, and you can't judge a meal or ingredient or piece of food without truthfully pulling back all the layers to find out exactly what you're about to eat.

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