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Return to form: Why wave of rebooted shows sour some fans

Fresh off the news that the show "Coach" was set to return to television only to be canceled after the pilot was filmed the debate rages on as to whether or not shows being rebooted is really the answer for lame network lineups.
First, there's the show "Coach" coming back.
Yes, the show was entertaining, and Craig T. Nelson and the cast scored some very good ratings, but that wasn't enough to bring the show back from reruns. The premise, Nelson's Hayden Fox, was coming out of retirement to help his grown son, Tim, coach a team in Pennsylvania. The show wrote off Hayden's on air wife Christine, but a few of the regulars from the show's original run were set to return.
But NBC, who ordered 13 episodes of the show, made a pilot and put the show on ice for good after reportedly being underwhelmed with what they saw.
The quick cancellation of "Coach" begs the question as to why rebooted shows are suddenly finding new life as networks attempt to recreate the magic these programs once had.

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Plenty of cast aside television shows such as "Coach," "Full House" and "Arrested Development" have found life after their original show came and went. These shows experienced success initially in varying degrees, whether you're talking about ratings or cult like popularity status.
So why exactly bring them back? 
You can argue easily that money is involved, but for the masses it feels more like rehash due to a lack of creativity and nostalgia always piquing interest in fans that flocked to these shows on their first go around. Seems a bit uninspired, however, when shows that ruled the airways in the 1980s and 1990s are now being looked upon as intriguing or saviors to some sort of fall lineup, even if it isn't a network per say and more tied to Netflix, a streaming service that is consistently developing first run programming.
There's nothing wrong with shows being brought back for the sake of reunion shows, a one and done mentality. But sitting through yet another set of stories for characters we've since forgotten about seems more like fair weathered fans versus long running payoffs.
Simply put, viewers will tune in initially for the value of just seeing the show, cast and sets as more of a where are they now type feel to them, rather than being truly entertained once the "wow, that is a cool visual" mentality wears off.

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