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Small Screen, Big Rocks: Television Tells The Tale Of What Fashionable Jewelry Should Be

The Emmy Awards took place recently and while the glitz and glamor of the award show should be focused on showcasing some of the better small screen actors of this generation, talk inevitable turns to fashion, jewelry and accessories as the main attraction.
Think of it like this, which question do you hear most at the Emmy Awards, or award shows in general. "Who are you wearing?" has supplanted any talk of actually winning an award, especially during the countdown shows before the event itself, which act more as a glorified fashion show as opposed to a preview of what is to come.
Much like Fashion Week, television is another gauge, a medium that dictates what's stylish or fashionable at this very moment. If your favorite celebrity features a certain look, who is to say that you're not going to try and emulate it?
Those thousand dollar dresses and gowns may be a bit out of your price range but what about something similar to an accessory or piece of jewelry instead? These typically provide the kind of vicarious fashion fix that most consumers desperately long for when spending two hours and change wrapped up on the Emmy Awards or Oscars.
Jewelry is just as hot and happening as the clothing, and television is a marvelous marketer of exactly what is the best item up to buy, or at least try to get something close. Jewelry designer Roberto Coin obviously sports a tremendous eye as far as not only the creation of the items themselves but also holds the innate ability to gauge just what is ghastly or great.

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The Emmy Awards made it a point to flaunt the latest jewelry trend, the animal pieces that somehow manage to meld classy and contemporary. Coin also can't seem to stress enough that diamonds are not only an actresses' best friend but a look that never goes out of style.
The general public puts any and all fashionable jewelry they see on television and rightfully implements it as part of their routine, whether that is considered daily or for upcoming office parties or holiday happenings at home or work.
While trying to buy specifically what the superstars of television sport could prove daunting, plenty of affordable jewelry could suffice and get you close enough that no one would even notice a difference.
Orianne Collins Jewelry manages to encapsulate the television savvy trends in terms of jewelry and add color to the stones for an amazing effect to anything of theirs you buy. Mary Margrill is another whirlwind of wonder when it comes to jewelry as she not only appreciates a fine diamond but also puts forth products that have a distinct look and feel to them, whether it is the gold or the ability to customize the jewelry.
And when television isn't inspiring jewelry trends, it is creating specific pieces based on a specific show. That comes courtesy of designer Udi Behr, who clearly is a lover of not only fine jewelry but also has a penchant and passion for television. He has created jewelry that mirrors the pieces you may have seen on a hit show, such as Star Trek, True Blood or Dexter. His inspiration is the art of television drama, and that comes to the forefront with all of his jewelry, most recent his Dynasty Jewelry Collection. The delectable, can't miss draw that lit up the airwaves in the 1980s is Behr's latest pet project and the result is jewelry that looks identical to what was worn on the show.
Whether you're watching intently at award shows or have a favorite television program that delivers not only a detailed storyline but also equally mesmerizing looks of its stars in terms of clothing and jewelry, that flat screen on the wall is a multifaceted fixture in our fashion lives, even if it doesn't include a trip down an actual red carpet.

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