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Deal faker: How to turn tables on pushy car dealers

Most sales people at car dealerships know exactly what to say to close a sale and put you in a vehicle they want more than you might. They also can spot a smart consumer and know exactly what they don't want that customer base to say as well.
Consumers certainly have gotten wiser to sly sales and fast talking sales people as it relates to buying a new or used vehicle. We all know we don't fall for the "let me talk to my manager" line when discussing price. Haven't we all figured out that the sales person isn't really talking to anyone and if they are it probably isn't about this deal at all?
Furthermore, you know how to negotiate price and not to tell the sales person or dealership that you want to pay a certain monthly payment but rather focus on the total cost of the car, truck or SUV, the number that really matters. We all know that any dealership or sales person can make numbers work to their advantage, and lowering the payment just means adding more months on to the overall term of the deal.
Beyond those obvious roadblocks that you also want to be sure as a consumer that you aren't afraid to question everything, even what may be described as the most minute or smallest details. Far too often, you're too accepting of the black and white on the paper in front of you and instead of asking what a cost or service or fee is, you just sign off because you're so enamored with the new car smell or that they have that SUV in the one color you absolutely wanted.
But don't let the bright lights and smooth paint jobs deter you from questioning fees, dealer prep services or the warranty programs they sock you with even though your car has a pretty decent one through the factory. You also want to ensure that everything you talk about with the dealership or salesperson is in writing before you agree to buy, sell or even come close to buying anything off the lot in front of your very eyes.

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Making the mistake of face value discussions or not reading over the fine print or sales document you're about to sign means the blame falls on you first and foremost. Dealers and sales persons have come a long way from being dishonest and trying to mislead the customers directly or overtly, but that doesn't mean is still doesn't happen.
The ones who survive are the customers that can spot in a mile away.

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