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Watchful lie: Why you don't need a smart watch

Technology, in any form, can be the great equalizer that consumers gravitate toward for a variety of reasons.
It makes life easier typically falls first on the list as to why we tend to buy without much hesitation.
Think about the first flip phone you had and how we marveled at the idea of having a small, compact cell phone that could allow us to carry it around in a pocket or purse in the event we had an emergency, such as a vehicle breakdown or needed to reach our spouse to let them know you already picked up the kids, without you having to go home and call from your landline, thus defeating the purpose of the message.
That flip phone at the time felt like the pinnacle of pleasure as it relates to technology and flash forward to the present day and cell phones still make calls, but they're adept at so much more: apps, weather, sports, flashlights, GPS, email, texting and mini, portable pay stations just to name a few.
And what do we do every time something new, better and bigger shows up and is released.

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Simple: we buy it.
So when the smart watch hit the shelves, you could easily stand to reason that it would be the next best thing. You have a wristwatch that tells time but does so much more, including surf the web and answer calls without ever having to pick up or touch you phone. Much like that old flip phone made calls and the smart phone version does that and so much more, the smart watch will tell you what time it is, but can deliver well beyond a digital display of the hour and minutes that have gone by on any given day.
The truth is, however, unlike the cell phone being incredibly multi faceted in its delivery and conception, the smart watch feels more like an undersized tablet then the epitome of technology at its finest. Much like the tablet is being phased out by two in one laptops and cell phones that are almost as big and just as proficient, the smart phone is a mini version of your phone and being able to answer a call on your wrist just doesn't do it for you to be able to justify spending hundreds on a device that might end up being a paper weight or on a pawn shelf in just a few years.
In theory, the watch is wonderful but you just can't get too excited about something that does little to stand out of an already crowded field of gadgets.

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