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Mistake drone: Why you're losing credibility for apologizing at work

One aspect of a good employee is owning up to mistakes, accountability and knowing when the right time to say, quite simply, "sorry."
Everyone screws up at work from time to time, and the idea behind doing something wrong is admitting what you did wrong, learning from it and, of course, not repeating it. Often times, however, employees who always sheepishly apologizing for no reason are labeled as "good," but that isn't always the case.
You aren't always on the hook for everything at work, so being so quick to say sorry isn't always a good thing, nor should it be the first thing you say just to help appease a situation. For instance, if you're late on a team project but your portion was submitted on time, why should you be on the hook for apologizing? This isn't about not being a team player or selling out your co worker but rather letting the employee responsible for the mistake or misstep fess up to what happened.
Saying "I'm sorry" all the time almost turns into a negative if its done just for the sake of saying something. If you don't know how to do something, you apologize. If you do something wrong, you apologize. If you're not even sure why you're saying "I'm sorry," but say it anyway. All of those instances water down the use of "I'm sorry" and it loses its sincerity.
And naturally, there are spots at work or within the office when you aren't really sorry but think to yourself that you need to say it just to appease a situation or be the bigger person. One issue with that is saying you're sorry when you really haven't done anything wrong or don't mean it goes beyond insincerity. You're taking blame and looking as though you've done wrong when in actuality you haven't.

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There's certainly a shred of positivity as it relates to apologizing to help someone else or a situation save face, but that also is putting your reputation is harms way.
Any time you're in the midst of any conflict or issue at work, you want to find a way to rightfully defuse the situation accordingly. But try looking for facts to state your case or explain why something did or didn't get done either incorrectly or not at all rather than simply relying on apologizing, particularly when you really aren't sure why you're doing it in the first place.

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