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Tattooed and screwed: Why you want a tattoo but never will get one

I want a tattoo. I hear myself utter those words consistently, but I know one thing about my desire to get "ink." I won't ever sign on the dotted line to do so.
Why, you ask?
Here's the thing: I will always want one, but I can't resign myself to take that leap for a variety of reasons. Chances are, you're thinking the same thing I am.
First, I have an auto immune disease, so healing is harder for me than others, but the risk of infection is always on my mind. I have heard of a few people, mostly famous ones, who have had the same ailment as me and they have a slew of tattoos all over their body. 
Yet, I still ponder it extensively to the point that I haven't done it.
Nor will I ever.

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What else keeps you from getting a tattoo?
You have to consider the idea that the tattoo is yours forever. Granted, there are ways to have it removed but the expense and the idea that you might have to do that often gives you the clarity you need to say no thanks to getting a tattoo. You desperately want to throw caution to the wind, but realize that the piece of artwork you're about to engrave on your back, neck, leg or arm isn't going anywhere.
One piece of advice that is rather simple to understand is the propensity, or lack thereof in this case, to get a name tattooed on your body. Your girlfriend certainly is special to you, and your love for her isn't being questioned, but in the event, even as unlikely as it may be, that the two of you split, do you really want the name "Sarah" tattooed on your neck if all of sudden she's gone and Lindsay shows up in her place.
Good luck explaining that one. A friend of mine had a small child who passed away, and his name is inscribed via tattooing on his inner arm, which is a tribute to a life lost way too young. That instance seems much more feasible than having a girlfriend or boyfriend or partner name put anywhere on your body.
And let's not forget the major trump card of the tattoo. It hurts. That isn't a lot of incentive to deter many but the wanting to have one and the lack of pain threshold simply don't mix well in the least.
From the permanent nature of a tattoo to health concerns, tattoos shouldn't be entered into lightly and without completely thinking the through.

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