Mission aborted: Why Tebow is out of NFL again and hopefully for good

09/06/15 by Rennie Detore

The latest Tim Tebow project in the NFL ended the way the others did.
In failure.
Tebow, easily one of the better and more lauded college quarterbacks in NCAA history, was cut by Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles as NFL made their final roster cuts in preparation for the NFL season.

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By now, you know the Tebow story in and out, mostly because news outlets and ESPN can help but recall and tell the story as if it was still newsworthy. Tebow did wonders for Florida as their running quarterback, with very little emphasis on throwing the bal.
Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos and had minor success but still couldn't throw the ball well. He eventually was discarded by the league, even though he was working on his throwing motion hoping for a comeback at some point. 
Last season, Tebow and Pats couldn't find him a home, so he did some work as a college football analyst and was signed by the Eagles this offseason. The Eagles, Kelly specifically, cut Tebow before the 2015 season is about to start, and said he wasn't good enough as a third strong quarterback to make the team.
Tebow is quite perplexing but not so much for what he does on the field but how he's such a major news outlet. He is one of the worst players in the NFL's history, yet the media treats his every move as if he's Joe Montana.
Tebow is one of those rare polarizing figures that people either love or hate based on how he plays, his faith and anything else that warrants a head turn. The rarity party comes from him not being good at all at what he does for a living: play football.
But Tebow keeps getting chances, this time from a college coach in Kelly turned NFL pro coach. Not even Kelly, fresh from a few years removed from Oregon, and his quirky offense could use Tebow and his H back, run first mentality skills.
If Kelly doesn't want him, who does?
The answer, quite frankly and hopefully, is simple: no one.
The Tebow experience is over. Done. Finished. Sent out to pasture.
As much as we thought his time with Patriots last season would be the end of Tebow, he returned again with the Eagles. After this stint, one would hope that both Tebow and the NFL are done with each and mutually part ways for good.
There's always a chance a desperate NFL team comes out of the woodwork to snag Tebow, but the odds keep getting slimmer after every year and every time he's cut.
Thankfully, for the rest of us, Tebow mania is manageable now and hopefully fans out completely.

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