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Morning story: Why your morning needs major overhaul

How many times have you woke up in the morning and felt awful?
Not sick per say or under the weather, but just exhausted.
You start to wonder if you're actually getting sick or maybe a flu bug is bothering you in the initial stages, but what if that isn't it?
What if your morning needs a fix me up?
Ask yourself, are you getting enough sleep? Enough sleep is defined as at least seven hours, and if you're the type that has that arm set at 6 a.m. and you'll always continually hit the snooze button, you're actually doing more harm than good with that extra 15 or 20 minutes of shut eye.

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The worst feelings is actually falling asleep after that snooze and then having the alarm go off again. Do you notice that you actually feel more tired then the first time around?
That's because that isn't so much sleep in the traditional definition with your body actually at rest.
And the opposite of rest in the morning is getting moving as soon as possible.
That's why going to the gym or exercising the first thing in the morning is the rush that coffee or tea can't provide you. The flip side of that too is missing your workout can kill any thought of having a productive evening after work has ended. So you can look at upgrading your morning and getting the workout out of the way so that you're feeling pumped and refreshed all day long. Sometimes the after work exercise doesn't happen for a variety of reasons, as the ultimate Catch 22 is not working out in the morning and not having enough time to do it in the evenings as well.
So flip flop and enjoy the benefits.
And if your morning can't be improved after all that, make sure you eat a protein heavy breakfast. That includes eggs, turkey bacon or sausage and devoid of a slew of pancakes, French Toast and a mountain of bread. The carbohydrates tend to make you as sleepy as not working out or exercising.
The protein element helps keep you focused as does breakfast in general, but don't be fooled by the breakfast is the most important meal of the day spiel. You can't just have a blueberry muffin or pop tart, but rather the breakfast has to be protein rich eggs or even cereal that is high in that same ingredient.
Morning isn't always the most favorable time of day but if yours is dragging you can dig deep and find a way to spruce it up without making major changes.

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