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Breakfast buffet: McDonald's all day breakfast won't help those American waistlines

The want and need from the general public as it relates to McDonald's was heard loud and clear.
They want breakfast served all day.
And McDonald's, as of October 6, 2015, will oblige the growing number of people that want an Egg McMuffin for lunch or a set of hot cakes for dinner. McDonald's announced the move on the heels of outcries from its faithful French fry followers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, any day, and, at any time.
McDonald's is hoping that its ultra popular breakfast and subsequent menu can help the franchise, which is struggling from their perspective from a revenue standpoint. The Egg McMuffin might as well be donning a cape and perhaps even toss the word "mighty" into that namesake given that those Golden Arches aren't quite as special as they once were and poached eggs and English muffins might make all the difference.
The one alarming part of this isn't so much that McDonald's is downplaying that its all day breakfast isn't going to be a full menu but rather a taste of what they serve until 10:30 a.m. nationwide, but rather that the notion that sausage patties and syrup and other fatty foods are going to dominate the menu and thus contribute to the fast food, eating out and obesity epidemic more so than previously.

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So for those of you who partake in the all day breakfast bonanza that is on the horizon, you might want to look for healthier options or modify those sandwiches and breakfast items to better fit your growing needs of a healthier, more coherent eater.
For starters, the egg white sandwich makes better sense than the poached egg option, but you might want to ditch the bread if you're eating it in the afternoon or evening, since those carbs are going to stick with you all day and attach to your waistline. Furthermore, stick with the Canadian ham and ditch the bacon or sausage from the sandwiches and while you're at it, that pasteurized, pathetic slice of cheese on that sandwich is giving you a ton of extra fat content that you won't be missing if you send it back to its packaging.
Syrup is high in sugar content and so are those flapjacks. The good news is that McDonald's "Big Breakfast" and bacon didn't make the cut for that limited menu.
Hey, maybe McDonald's is trying to rid itself of those fatty items after all; although that seems a little far fetched, it looks like it is up to the masses to minimize this all day breakfast announcement and keep it business as usual when it comes to finding healthier alternatives than McDonald's.

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