Fair weather fight: Lack of big fight feel plagues Mayweather fight

09/09/15 by Rennie Detore

No is going to argue just how good Floyd Mayweather is, but then again no one seems to be interested in post Manny Pacquiao fight, either.
Mayweather is set to fight Andre Berto this weekend, and plenty of seats are still available. Ticketmaster is reporting that there are about 2,000 seats left and that the ringside fury that was Mayweather versus Pacquiao is not there for Berton and Mayweather. A front row seat costs thousands for the former fight, but Berto and Mayweather is about an $800 first row ticket.
The fight is quite the letdown after Pacquiao set pay per view records for a fight that was a must see, albeit years later than it should have happened given the age of both fighters, mainly Manny.

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Berto is a bum, to put it bluntly. He's lost consecutive fights, and he's hardly even a fly in the ointment that Mayweather's trainer is going to rub on his guy.
Mayweather is claiming this is his "last fight ever," which is hard to imagine but yet still feasible given Mayweather is 38 years old. Anyone who knows Mayweather, however, knows that his ego won't allow him to retire at 49 wins to zero loses, which is where he'd end up when he beats Berto this coming weekend. The desire to get to 50 wins and zero losses might be too much for Mayweather to pass on given that record is so close to attaining.
Mayweather and his camp of cronies painted themselves into their boxing corner with picking such as poor opponent to fight after Pacquiao but also dubbing this disasters as a "last fight" for the undefeated, multiple champion.
No one is buying it. Literally.
And that is because the fight is essentially nothing. It means nothing and won't earn more than lead story status on Sportscenter. And it certainly isn't going to do anything from a pay per view standpoint, aside from Mayweather likely getting his usual huge chunk of change to knock out yet another person that isn't of his ilk as a fighter.
Should Mayweather not have picked a fight at all? No, but the idea that you're going to pair a "last fight ever" moniker with a matchup against a guy who lost three fights in a row is laughable at best.
There's no "big fight" feel to this at all. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to feel anything about a legendary fighter holding a glorified sparing session against an opponent who belongs nowhere near the ring in this scenario.

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