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Say cheese: Is giving up dairy a good idea?

Tummy troubles plague Americans more now than ever.
Whether you're battling an auto immune disease such as Crohn's Disease or Colitis or you're having ulcer issues or going to to toe with acid reflux, the one great equalizer in the discussion remains the same.
Food and drink.
Some foods are, for instance, inflammatory to the body, and your entire system his the proverbial shut off valve and everything just goes haywire. For instance, if you have Crohn's Disease, foods like tomatoes inflame the body and cause pain in the extremities and joints.
One food that often is given up and not given a second thought about is dairy. Saying so long to milk, cheese and other dairy items isn't quite as easy you'd think, but those who are adamant that kicking those foods and drinks to the curb that include dairy have helped their health and overall wellness.

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So what exactly does dairy do to your body? Furthermore, what happens when dairy is done, finished and caput when you rid it from your diet totally?
The first thing is obvious: your digestive will forever thank you. Suffering from lactose intolerance is one thing; that group can't have milk or dairy at all, or they'll be sick to the stomach and not even feel like eating for the rest of the day or week for that matter.
Practically speaking, losing dairy from your diet means the calories also will lessen and thus could lead to weight loss. A study shows that eliminating dairy could mean weight loss in the neighborhood of 1 to 2 pounds per month, just by getting dairy off your plate.
One aspect of eliminating dairy that you might questions far as getting rid of it is how do you replace the vitamin D you'll be lacking.
You don't have to worry, because adding a supplement, Vitamin D3 for instance, can give you exactly what you'll be missing. In addition, you'll be able to have that nutrient without the downside of dairy in your diet.
Those who question that dairy isn't really good for you point to how much dairy and milk specifically is marketed for strong bones and healthier alternatives to soda and other drinks for example. That all plays just fine, but not everyone can tolerate dairy but even those who can't see the benefit to their system and fighting off chronic illness and disease as being easy to bid farewell to when a supplement of vitamin D can give you all that and then some.

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