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Golf Bagged? Teeing Up In The Colder Months Isn't All That Crazy

hat brisk, autumn chill in the air that soon turns to snow on the ground simply isn't enough to deter golfers from packing up their clubs and calling it a season just at the first sight of fallen leaves or frost. Golfers are a persistent bunch, which makes sense given not only the amount of practice the sport takes to perfect, but also that this group isn't afraid to take their game on the road.
Golfers, much like birds, migrate south any chance they get between the months of November and March and search out some of the most savory golf courses. The ones that double as resorts are only an added bonus, should they be traveling with a spouse that isn't specifically interested in hitting the links and would rather take up a tennis lesson or relax with a much needed massage.
But what are the best golf courses to play in the winter?
If you ask the most avid golfer, they will probably come back with a simple answer: "any of them." In the world of golf, it never rains and snow is merely a minor roadblock; nothing that a few vacation days and a flight to a southern state can't fix.
As for something specific, states like North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia gain a tremendous amount of credibility with golfers and simply are overrun with them not only year round but especially when unfavorable weather plagues golfers best game plan.

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Perhaps no destination is quite as renowned as Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, which boasts more than 20 courses to choose from, nothing short of remarkable in the eyes of golfers around the world. This area not only plays big for professional players but is paired together with resort amenities that make it a desirable destination.
Hilton Head specifically is always offering packages, promotions and events, which makes it even more lucrative of a stop. This October, Hilton Head presents its Motoring Festival and Concours d'Elegance through November 3.
This not only includes golf packages that gain more than just a few looks but also sports plenty of festivities for car enthusiasts.
If the west coast is more your speed, that's certainly fine by the good people in California. Those same people probably would recommend La Quinta in Palm Desert as their favorite choice. It has the same tangible, tantalizing attributes of Hilton Head as far as being great for golf and ridiculously righteous resort activities. The only downfall, if any, regarding La Quinta is it may be a tad too daunting for the general golfing crowd.
Then again, golfers aren't exactly picky when it comes to where to play in the winter and rarely give any course the cold shoulder.

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