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S marks the spot: Is the iPhone 6s really worth buying?

Seems like more often than not, months rather than years, Apple is ushering out new products that have that "new" but same old feeling to them.
Enter the iPhone 6s.
Apparently as a brand, Apple isn't so much interested in changing the landscape of what they do but rather recycling what will already know with modest improvements or updates that hardly deserve the "S" status.
That "S" stands for same old, same old apparently.
So the Apple iPhone 6s was unveiled, which as it always does spared a litany of consumers to question whether or not it is worth buying or trading in their current model for the latest and greatest.

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First, you can hardly fault Apple for not trying to announce the "new" iPhone 6s as a huge event. That is the definition of marketing, but you can only do so much to make a phone better than it already is. Apple and its original iPhone changed the game, but now Apple is playing second fiddle to Samsung and how the Note and the Galaxy aren't just gaining ground on Apple but rather overtaking them as being one step ahead with design and features.
Apple still makes waves but they've moved away from tidal and are more like the ones that barely reach the store. That said, the iPhone 6s sports a few upgrades like a better camera and is faster naturally, but the device isn't one that you'll see a slew of people waiting in line to get it or beating down the doors of the local AT'T or Verizon store to get it.
That waiting list, quite frankly, is getting shorter with each release.
That's because from a technology standpoint you can't reinvent the wheel when it already runs pretty well as it stands. Anyone with a smart phone that is waiting for a release of a phone that is going to change the landscape of cellular devices is going to be waiting for a very long time. Minor improvements really don't move the needle as much as the average consumer just wanting a new phone when the time is right or if they're still toting around an iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy 4.
That doesn't mean that Apple or Samsung won't have the proverbial ace up their sleeve at some point down the road but for now, you'd be wise to grin and bear what you have and let the releases come and go.

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