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Brotherly love: Super Mario is 30, and still is iconic as ever

Few brands have the kind of staying power that can withstand a few years, much less decades.
Of course, we have a few that stand out.
From "Star Wars" to "Lego" and everything in between that is considered a household name, those name values are stellar and will last what seems to be a lifetime.
You also can add "Super Mario Brothers" to that last, too.
The namesake turned 30 years old this month, and the video game and characters within have tickled the fancy of video gamers everywhere, regardless of your age or how often you played something with the Super Mario Brothers name on it.

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For those in their 30s, you remember being a child playing with the original Nintendo gaming system and the first edition of Super Mario Brothers. You grew up playing the game and enjoyed all the installments, in addition to the offshoot games such as Super Mario Kart.
The original Super Mario Brothers sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 million copies, not bad for game that had hit or miss written all over it.
Even in the early 2000s, the Super Mario Brothers brand was going strong. It returned on the Nintendo Wii as more of an interactive type game, particularly with the Super Mario Kart version on that particular system.
Nintendo would go on to sell more than 300 million copies of all Super Mario Brothers titles, easily making it Nintendo's best selling game of all time.
Looking at Super Mario Brothers now, you almost laugh at how comical the game is from a graphics or game plan standpoint. It certainly doesn't compare to what is available to play in 2015, but you'd be hard pressed not to sit in front of any version of Mario Brothers, particularly the original, and not want to play it. That says quite a bit about the Mario Brothers game play 30 years after its inception and just how lauded and loved the game and everything about it was.
Nintendo certainly isn't done promoting or making money off Super Mario Brothers, nor should they be.
They'll continue to release titles with the Mario Brothers characters, and they'll be no shortage of fans and Nintendo faithful alike that clamor for it as if this was the first time they'd seen Mario, Luigi or any of the others that were both favorable and favorites of video gamers.

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