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Old McDonald's: McDonald's makes new sandwich but will anyone notice?

From ground chicken sandwiches to all day breakfast, McDonald's is making a case for trying to shake things up a bit.
McDonald's still is a household name and the kind of brand that is nothing short of iconic. But McDonald's isn't quite the juggernaut in the fast food business it once was. Sales are stagnant, stale and in some cases just plain slow.
In response to that, McDonald's is trying to reinvigorate a consumer base that isn't "loving it" quite as much as they once did.
First on the docket is putting together a breakfast menu that goes beyond 11 a.m., but even that isn't quite what you'd expect. The menu beyond the traditional breakfast times is as "limited" one, and that might not make the revelation of breakfast at lunch quite as stellar as you'd expect it to be.
The real news above and beyond breakfast is a new sandwich from McDonald's made of ground chicken meat, both white and dark, and given the title of ground chicken burger. Can anyone say McChicken Burger? 
Well, the sandwich doesn't have a clever, cute marketing name per say, but this burger and chicken hybrid of sorts is new to McDonald's. And isn't that exactly what the consumer is craving from its favorite fast food restaurant?

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In a word, yes. But is it too late for McDonald's to recapture its past glory with a new sandwich, be in this chicken concoction or something else that is different from the norm. You'd think that McDonald's, as brilliant and successful as it has been, would be able to reinvent the wheel, but if successful brands have taught us anything it's that once you've done something so well for so long, you have hard time topping yourself.
Take Apple, for instance. They single handily jump started the smart phone business with the iPhone release, and since then plenty of released their own smart phones and some, such as Samsung and its Galaxy and Note models, are actually doing things as well or better than the once untouchable Apple. And what is Apple's response? Rehashing the same iPhone with modest improvements as years past.
Apple still is lucrative but the genius luster is wearing thin. The same could be said for McDonald's and its billion customers served as those within the organization are waiting to find their answer to their own personal iPhone.
In this case, there may not be anything on the horizon worth noting, and quite frankly may never be. That's the life of a wildly successful brand that is trying to find the news headlines again. The chicken burger doesn't feel like the dawn on something destined to be huge but rather more like an iPad mini, a release that feels more like rehashed than revelation.

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