50/50: Is the new, cheaper Amazon tablet going to be difference maker?

09/18/15 by Rennie Detore

Amazon is no stranger to offering low cost gadgets that not only aren't cost prohibitive but also work much better than their price tag would suggest.
They continued that string of product placement in the laps of the average consumer by announcing the arrival of a $50 tablet aimed at those who want to enjoy the perks and benefits of said device but aren't in the market for higher end, more expensive models such as what Apple and Samsung are offering.
Now, the marketplace is no stranger to low cost tablets, as you can go into any relatively modest electronic dealer or a Wal Mart or Target and find a tablet that is marked down to the point that you'd think it doesn't work all that well.

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And most of the time, you're right. It doesn't.
But Amazon is promising more from this tablet, even at a price point that is appealing to virtually anyone, particularly those on a budget who want to enjoy a tablet but can't.
The real question, however, is despite the claims from Amazon to the contrary, how can they honestly guarantee that a $50 tablet is going to suffice customers?
If what Amazon is saying is true, the tablet is going to be quite the seller. But experts have already spoken up that Amazon isn't really interested in making a huge profit on the deal but rather extend its brand to more people and thus make money on the bulk of people taking note of this deal and the Amazon name and other ancillary products and services they have.
Think of this as a door buster of sorts, the way stores get you into the door and then end up selling you five other things you didn't come in for but bought anyway. To sweeten the deal, Amazon is offering that $50 tablet but also is selling it as a bulk item, meaning you can buy six tablet for the price of five, thus making the final one free. Can you imagine the run on these tablets, which are competent and rather impressive, when the holidays are approaching and buyers might be inclined to have this as a "one and done" gift that they can purchase and pass out accordingly.
Only time will tell, of course, if Amazon can accomplish their goal with the release of the tablet. But more so, to understand this decision, is to truly believe in the fact that Amazon isn't so much interested in getting into the tablet business but rather keeping things at the organization business as usual, and that is to show the consumer that Amazon is all about the customer.

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